Keith Titanium: Redefining Adventure for over 25 Years

Discover Keith Titanium and his 25 years of expertise in outdoor adventure. Our lightweight and durable titanium products are designed to accompany you on all your camping, hiking and outdoor cooking escapades. Join us in this adventure where quality and passion meet for unforgettable experiences.

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Discover the Titanium Adventure

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Discover our Keith Titanium bestsellers, trusted by adventurers everywhere. Lightweight, durable and reliable, they are designed to accompany you on all your outdoor adventures. Whether camping, hiking or outdoor cooking, our products are here to push your limits. Ready for adventure?

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The Art of Outdoor Cooking with Keith Titanium

Discover our Wood Stove and all our kitchen products - A Culinary Revolution in Titanium.

Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment

3-year warranty on all our products

At Keith Titanium, each product is guaranteed for 3 years. Our commitment to quality includes dedicated support to give you complete peace of mind. Buy with confidence, with the guarantee of our commitment to your satisfaction


Corrosion resistance

Titanium effectively resists corrosion, perfect for corrosive environments like humid environments.


Titanium, lighter than steel, while maintaining high mechanical resistance, ideal for reducing the weight of your bags, especially on long trips.

High temperature resistance

Titanium withstands high temperatures, perfect for applications requiring heat resistance, such as cooking directly over a fire.


Non-toxic and compatible with the human body, titanium is used in medicine to make implants and medical instruments in complete safety.

Mechanical resistance

Titanium is strong and resilient, retaining its rigidity even when shaped, ensuring exceptional durability.

Bacteriostatic properties

Titanium has bacteriostatic properties, ideal for kitchen utensils and everyday items, ensuring hygiene and safety.

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Are you looking to boost your product catalog and offer your customers a diverse, high-quality range?Look no further than Keith Titanium, the world leader in manufacturing titanium products for cooking and outdoor activities.

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This year's edition of Outdoor by ISPO promises to be a must-see event for all outdoor enthusiasts and industry professionals. And Keith Titanium is proud to announce its presence at the heart of this celebration of adventure, innovation and community.











Excellent service!

I received my order in three days, which meant that I had everything I needed to go camping with my children, thank you Keith!

Michael Fabrio



Surprising quality

As it was my first order I wasn't expecting anything; but now I can no longer do without my lunch box and my super light cutlery. I recommend

Louise Lacère



Super resistant products

I went on a road trip for several months with only Keith's products as tools, I went through a lot of challenges, and my products are like new. Do not hesitate!

Yvan Pitresco



Exceptional Experience with Keith Titanium

Keith Titanium exceeded all my expectations. Their products are not only beautiful, but also incredibly functional. The 3-year warranty is a real plus, and their customer service is very responsive and helpful. I am so grateful to have discovered this brand!

Jana Novakova

Czech Republic


I am surprised

A truly remarkable experience with Keith Titanium! Their products exceeded all my expectations. The lightness of titanium combined with its robustness makes it the perfect choice for my mountain getaways. I highly recommend Keith Titanium to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Hans Muller


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