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Discover Keith Titanium vacuum bottles, the essential accessory for outdoor lovers, travelers and lovers of coffee, tea or cold drinks. Available in several colors and sizes, these lightweight, durable and eco-friendly bottles go everywhere you go.

Keith Titanium Vacuum Flask Bottles are designed to meet all your on-the-go drinking needs. Whether you're hiking, camping, traveling, or just going about your daily life, these bottles are perfect for keeping your drinks at the ideal temperature.

Equipped with a double wall, these bottles offer exceptional thermal insulation. They maintain the temperature of your drink for hours, whether you want to enjoy piping hot coffee or cool, hydrating water. Titanium material is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly.

The leak-proof design of these bottles, with silicone gel, ensures your bag stays dry. The lids of these bottles are made of a mixture of silicone gel and pure titanium, which ensures a healthier drinking experience.

These bottles come in several attractive colors to match your style. They are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, whether intense heat or freezing cold. You can use them with confidence during your outdoor adventures.

In terms of performance, our tests have shown that these vacuum bottles can maintain water temperature for long periods of time. For example, after pouring boiling water into the bottle and waiting 8 hours, the water temperature was still 61.2 degrees. Likewise, with cold water at 7 degrees, after 3 hours in our bottles, the temperature was 9.7 degrees.

Features :

- Double wall for exceptional thermal insulation.

- Waterproof design with silicone gel.

- Lightweight, durable and eco-friendly titanium material.

- Available in several colors.

- Perfect for hiking, camping, traveling and everyday life.

Volume and Colors Available:

- 200 ml ( Color: Ice Silver, Ice Red, Ice Blue, Titanium)

- Set of 3 x 200 ml ( 1 of Each Color: Ice Silver, Ice Red, Ice Blue)

- 280 ml ( Color: Ice Silver, Ice Red, Ice Blue)

- 380 ml ( Color: Ice Silver)

- 400 ml ( Color: Ice Silver, Ice Red, Ice Blue)

- 500 ml ( Color: White)

- 800 ml ( Color: Titanium)

Size :

- 2.2 × 5.9 inches | Ø 56 × 150 mm (for 200 ml bottles)

- 2.2 × 7.1 inches | Ø 56 × 181 mm (for 280 ml bottles)

- 2.6 × 2.5 × 7.6 inches | Ø 68 × Ø 65 × 195 mm (for 380 ml bottles)

- 3.0 × 2.5 × 8.5 inches | 78 × 65 × 217 mm (for 400 ml bottles)

- 2.5 × 8.7 inches │ Ø 65 × 222 mm (for 500 ml bottles)

- 298.5 x 78 x 88 mm (for 800 ml bottles)

Weight :

- 4.4 oz | 125 grams (for 20 ml bottles)

- 5.1 oz | 146 g (for 280 ml bottles)

- 6.8 oz | 195 g (for 400 ml bottles)

- 6.6 oz | 190 g (for the 380 ml bottle)

- 8oz | 227 g (for the 500 ml bottle)

- 13.05 oz | 370 g (for 800 ml bottles)

Additional Information: These bottles are designed to meet the demands of outdoor adventurers, travelers and anyone seeking an optimal drinking experience. They are eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to maintain for a worry-free drinking experience. Don't miss this opportunity to own a premium bottle for all your outdoor adventures. Order yours today.

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Get ready to experience unforgettable outdoor moments with Keith Titanium. Lightweight, durable and reliable, our gear is designed to accompany you on all your adventures, whether camping, hiking or exploring. Unleash your adventurous spirit and discover the world with confidence, equipped with Keith Titanium.



Excellent service!

I received my order in three days, which meant that I had everything I needed to go camping with my children, thank you Keith!

Michael Fabrio



Surprising quality

As it was my first order I wasn't expecting anything; but now I can no longer do without my lunch box and my super light cutlery. I recommend

Louise Lacère



Super resistant products

I went on a road trip for several months with only Keith's products as tools, I went through a lot of challenges, and my products are like new. Do not hesitate!

Yvan Pitresco


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