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Expand Your Product Range with Keith Titanium

Are you looking to boost your product catalog and offer your customers a diverse, high-quality range? Look no further than Keith Titanium, the world leader in manufacturing titanium products for cooking and outdoor activities.

Our Heritage of Excellence

With decades of expertise in the field, Keith Titanium has established itself as a benchmark for quality, innovation and sustainability. From our humble beginnings in 2001 to our international reach, we have constantly pushed the boundaries to provide our customers with exceptional products.

A Complete Catalog of More than 150 References

Whether you want to open a physical or online store, or enrich your own catalog, Keith Titanium has a range of more than 150 titanium product references. From lightweight, durable cookware to essential camping accessories to high-quality hiking gear, we have everything you need to satisfy your most discerning customers.

Personalized Support and Expert Monitoring

By choosing Keith Titanium, you benefit not only from our high-quality products, but also from personalized support and expert monitoring. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, whether it's selecting the right products for your store, creating an exceptional customer experience, or answering any questions you may have.

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Join us in our mission to provide exceptional quality products across the world. If you would like to enrich your offering with Keith Titanium products or if you have any questions about our partnership, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We look forward to teaming up with you and contributing to the success of your business.

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Why Choose Keith Titanium?

With decades of expertise, we are the obvious choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability ensures an unparalleled experience. Find out what makes us the leader in the titanium industry. Click here to find out more:

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Discover Our Complete Catalog!

Browse our wide selection of titanium products for cooking and outdoor activities. From cooking utensils to camping accessories, find everything you need for your outdoor adventures. Click here to explore our catalog:

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Dive into Our History

From our humble beginnings in 2001 to our global expansion, discover our exceptional journey. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has shaped our history. Click here to learn more about our evolution:

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Corrosion resistance

Titanium effectively resists corrosion, perfect for corrosive environments like humid environments.


Titanium, lighter than steel, while maintaining high mechanical resistance, ideal for reducing the weight of your bags, especially on long trips.

High temperature resistance

Titanium withstands high temperatures, perfect for applications requiring heat resistance, such as cooking directly over a fire.


Non-toxic and compatible with the human body, titanium is used in medicine to make implants and medical instruments in complete safety.

Mechanical resistance

Titanium is strong and resilient, retaining its rigidity even when shaped, ensuring exceptional durability.

Bacteriostatic properties

Titanium has bacteriostatic properties, ideal for kitchen utensils and everyday items, ensuring hygiene and safety.