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The Keith Titanium Single Wall Titanium Mug is a versatile companion for your outdoor adventures, or for use at home or in the office. Made of pure TA1 grade medical titanium, it is both lightweight and durable, with a thickness of approximately 0.4mm. Its folding and detachable handle makes it easy to carry, hold or hang. It can be heated directly and is suitable for various uses, from cooking to hot or cold drinks. Available in different capacities, this mug is also stackable for convenient transport.

The Keith Titanium Single Wall Titanium Mug is the perfect ally for your outdoor adventures, your travels, or simply for your everyday use at home or in the office. Made from pure TA1 grade medical titanium, it is approximately 0.4mm thick, making it exceptionally light while still being incredibly sturdy.

This mug is designed for versatility. Its folding, detachable handle allows for easy portability, whether carrying it in your backpack, holding it comfortably with one hand, or even hanging it from your gear. You can use it for various purposes, whether it's outdoor cooking, sour or salty drinks, or simply enjoying hot or cold drinks.

When choosing your mug capacity, keep in mind that the 220ml, 300ml and 350ml options are ideal for children or for enjoying tea and coffee. The 400ml and 450ml sizes are suitable for women, while the 500ml or larger capacities are ideal for men or those who need more hydration. The 900 ml version can be used as a mug for your drinks, or even as a lunch box. Just note that instant noodles may need to be broken in half to fit.

Additionally, our 650 ml and 900 ml models are specially designed to accommodate gas cartridges. As for the slightly uneven lid, please note that the flat lid design is intentional for easy access. Since some steps in the manufacturing process involve manual handling, there may be slight variations in how the lid closes. You can easily adjust this manually by gently pressing. These minor variations do not affect the functionality or usability of the mug.

Option Without Lid:

- 220 ml mug

Size :

- 3.0 × 2.5 inches 75 × 64.5 mm (for 220ml Mug)

- 2.8 x 3.4 inches │ 70 x 86 mm (for the 300ml Mug)

- 99 × 80 mm (for the 450ml Mug)

- 2.5 oz + 0.6 oz │ 70 g + 16 g (for the 550ml Mug)

- 4.1 × 3.8 inches │104 × 96.5 mm (for 650ml Mug)

- 114.2 × 115 mm (for the 900ml Mug)

Weight :

- 1.4 oz (40 g) (for the 220ml Mug)

- 1.8 oz (50 g) + 0.4 oz (11 g) - (for the 300ml Mug)

- 62 g (cup) + 15 g (lid) (for the 450ml Mug)

- 2.5 oz + 0.6 oz │ 70 g + 16 g (for the 550ml Mug)

- 2.8 oz + 0.7 oz │ 80 g + 20 g (for the 650ml Mug)

- 3.3 oz + 1.0 oz │ 93 g + 28 g (for the 900ml Mug)

Additional information: Comes with a mesh storage bag. Available in different capacities ranging from 220 ml to 900 ml. Certified in pure TA1 grade medical titanium. Folding, detachable handle for easy portability. Can be used for cooking, hot and cold drinks. Flat lid for easy access, manually adjustable if necessary.

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Excellent service!

I received my order in three days, which meant that I had everything I needed to go camping with my children, thank you Keith!

Michael Fabrio



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As it was my first order I wasn't expecting anything; but now I can no longer do without my lunch box and my super light cutlery. I recommend

Louise Lacère



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I went on a road trip for several months with only Keith's products as tools, I went through a lot of challenges, and my products are like new. Do not hesitate!

Yvan Pitresco


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