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Discover our range of pure titanium kitchen utensils, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. Ideal for discerning cooking enthusiasts.

Discover the exceptional quality of titanium cookware from Keith Titanium. We offer two high-quality products to enhance your dining experience.

Titanium Kitchen Utensil Set:

The Keith Titanium kitchen utensil set is a real gem for cooking enthusiasts. It is made of biophilic titanium, a material that is both strong and durable. This titanium is biocompatible, which means it can be used safely in the human body. In addition to being resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion, it guarantees long-term use without unpleasant odors.

The set consists of a spoon, a spatula and a strainer. Each of these utensils is approximately 2.5 mm thick, and their continuous construction makes cleaning easy. In addition, their smooth, rounded surface is gentle on the hands when using them.

The soup spoon has a depth of approximately 25mm, making it ideal for serving rice, porridge, soup and fondue. Every bite will bring you delicious satisfaction. The spatula has an ergonomic shape that fits the curve of your hand, providing a comfortable grip and making it easy to grab ingredients without leaving soup behind. The strainer is equipped with an evenly distributed mesh, making it easy to drain juice, oil or soup whether you are frying or boiling.


- Spoon: 2.5 × 89 × 344 mm

- Spatula: 2.5 × 95 × 335 mm

- Strainer: 2.5 × 85 × 310 mm Weight: 260 g Contents: The set includes a spoon, a spatula and a strainer.

Small Long Handled Titanium Ladle:

The Small Titanium Long Handle Ladle (TI8706) is another exceptional product from Keith Titanium. It is made from pure titanium, a material exceptionally resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. Its thick, integrated design makes it sturdy and durable for daily use. Unlike some materials, titanium does not release heavy metals, ensuring food safety.

This ladle is perfect for serving soup, porridge and other dishes. Its generous length of 8 inches (203 mm) makes it ideal for reaching the bottom of your bowls and containers. With a light weight of only 2.2 ounces (63 g), it is easy to handle, whether camping, hiking or at home.

Titanium offers exceptional strength while being an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and bacteriostatic material, making it the ideal choice for cooking and camping utensils. Opt for the premium quality of Keith Titanium and ensure you have a kitchen utensil that is reliable, durable and safe.

Dimensions: 8 x 2.3 x 0.1 inches │ 203 x 59.6 x 3.9 mm Weight: 2.2 oz │ 63 g

Additional Information :

Each utensil in this set is equipped with an independent anti-counterfeiting code to guarantee its quality and authenticity. Biophilic titanium materials provide superior resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion, making it a reliable choice for kitchen enthusiasts who care about the quality of their utensils. This product is built to last and provides an exceptional cooking experience with its ergonomic design and unique features.

Opt for the superior quality of Keith Titanium and ensure that you have kitchen utensils that are reliable, durable and safe, while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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Excellent service!

I received my order in three days, which meant that I had everything I needed to go camping with my children, thank you Keith!

Michael Fabrio



Surprising quality

As it was my first order I wasn't expecting anything; but now I can no longer do without my lunch box and my super light cutlery. I recommend

Louise Lacère



Super resistant products

I went on a road trip for several months with only Keith's products as tools, I went through a lot of challenges, and my products are like new. Do not hesitate!

Yvan Pitresco


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