Les Gourdes et Flasques

Water bottles and flasks


    The Keith Titanium Water Bottles and Flasks collection is a range of products carefully designed to meet all your drinking needs, whether at home, outdoors or on the go. Keith Titanium, as a leader in manufacturing high quality titanium products, offers innovative solutions for an unparalleled drinking experience.
    Titanium is the material of choice for this collection, due to its unique properties. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, lightweight and incredibly strong. These characteristics make titanium the ideal material for beverageware, ensuring worry-free use for many years.
    Whether you're looking for an insulated bottle to keep your drink hot or cold to sip on while enjoying nature, our collection has everything you need. Keith Titanium products are designed to be both functional and stylish, with inspiration drawn from the needs of outdoor adventurers and travelers.
    Keith's All-Titanium Vacuum Insulation Bottle is one of the highlights of the collection. It revolutionizes the way we drink by eliminating plastic parts and keeping drinks at the desired temperature for hours. In addition, its lightness makes it an ideal travel companion.
    Each product in the “Les gourdes et Flasques” collection is manufactured with the same commitment to quality and durability that has characterized Keith Titanium for years. Rigorous testing ensures that each item meets the highest standards for performance and durability, making it a reliable choice for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.
    Ultimately, the Keith Titanium “Gourdes et Flasques” collection is much more than just a line of titanium products. It is a guarantee of quality, lightness, durability and elegance for your drinking experience. Whether you're an outdoor morning coffee lover, a thirsty hiker, or an adventurer looking for the ultimate drinking experience, Keith Titanium has you covered. Discover our collection today and enhance your drinking experience.