Ultimate guide to choosing the right outdoor stove: wood, gas or multi-fuel?

Guide ultime pour choisir le bon réchaud en plein air : bois, gaz ou multi-combustible ?

When embarking on an outdoor adventure, whether it's a multi-day hike, a family camping trip, or a bushcraft escapade, the choice of stove is crucial to ensuring the success of your culinary expedition. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which type of stove best suits your needs and preferences. In this ultimate guide, we'll look at the pros and cons of wood, gas and multi-fuel stoves, to help you make the right choice for your next outdoor adventure.

Wood stove:

Wood stoves are perfect for those who love the simplicity and authenticity of a traditional campfire. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Benefits :

  • Fuel Availability : Wood is often easy to find in nature, meaning you don't have to worry about carrying extra fuel.
  • Authentic feeling : Nothing can match the warm and comforting ambiance of a crackling campfire under the stars.
  • Versatility : Wood stoves can also be used to cook over open flames, embers or even logs.


  • Preparation time : Starting a campfire can be time-consuming and require outdoor survival skills.
  • Environmental impact : Wood collection can have a negative impact on the environment, particularly in sensitive areas.

Gas heater :

Gas stoves are appreciated for their practicality and efficiency. Here's what you need to know:

Benefits :

  • Ease of use : Gas stoves light instantly and provide precise temperature control.
  • Lightweight and compact : Gas stoves are generally compact and easy to transport, making them an ideal choice for minimalist hikers and campers.
  • Clean and residue-free : Unlike wood stoves, gas stoves leave no ashes or residue, making cleaning easier.


  • Fuel dependency : You need to carry extra gas canisters, which can add weight to your equipment and require additional planning.

Multi-fuel stove:

Multi-fuel stoves offer unparalleled versatility for adventurers traveling in varied environments. Here's what you need to know:

Benefits :

  • Compatibility with different fuels : Multi-fuel stoves can operate on a variety of fuels, including gas, kerosene, gasoline and even diesel.
  • Adaptability to conditions : With a multi-fuel stove, you have the flexibility to choose the fuel best suited to your environment and your specific needs.
  • Reliable in all circumstances : These stoves are designed to perform in extreme conditions, making them a reliable choice for expeditions to high mountains or harsh climates.


  • Complexity : Multi-fuel stoves can be more complex to use and maintain than wood or gas stoves, which may require some familiarization and regular maintenance.

Product recommendations:

  1. Wood stove: Biolite CampStove 2
  2. Gas stove: MSR PocketRocket 2
  3. Multi-fuel stove: MSR WhisperLite Universal

In conclusion, the choice of outdoor stove will depend on your personal preferences, your specific needs, and the conditions in which you plan to adventure. Whether you opt for the rustic simplicity of a wood-burning campfire, the practicality of a gas stove, or the versatility of a multi-fuel stove, be sure to choose quality equipment and familiarize yourself with its use before heading out on your adventure. Happy outdoor cooking!

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