Titanium Spoon Ti8706

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Pure titanium

Bactericidal and antimicrobial

Titanium is the only metal with natural bactericidal and antimicrobial effects, due to the TiO2 present on the surface. Food and drinks are kept fresh longer than any other utensil.

Pure titanium

Resistant to corrosion, heat and cold

Titanium is a stable metal, which can be placed in alkaline and acidic environments without corrosion. Titanium has high resistance to heat and cold. This is why titanium is widely used in medical devices.

Pure titanium


Titanium is an ultralight metal. A 1L titanium kettle weighs only 130g, the equivalent of two eggs. The light weight makes titanium utensils ideal for outdoor sports.

Pure titanium

High hardness

Titanium is one of the strongest metals and therefore difficult to processing. In addition to being lighweight, titanium utensils are also strong and durable.


18 years expert on pure titanium

Keith has focused on the research and development of pure titanium products for 18 years. Every product brings the efforts and patience of Keith team.


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