The Keith Titanium Story: Innovation in the World of Titanium

Discover the evolution of Keith Titanium since its creation in 2001

Introduction :

The story of Keith Titanium is a true chronicle of innovation and development. Since its humble beginnings in 2001 as a start-up in a workshop of just 200 square meters, the company has come an extraordinary journey. Keith Titanium has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of titanium products for cooking and outdoor activities.

Humble beginnings

In 2001, Keith Titanium began its journey manufacturing molds for high speed punching production. This first step laid the foundation for what would become an internationally renowned company. However, it was not until 2005 that Keith discovered the value of titanium, sparking extensive research into titanium materials and processing techniques.

Emergence of the Keith Titanium brand

In 2006, the Keith Titanium brand was officially established, with a focus on kitchenware. This decision marked a major turning point for the company, which subsequently evolved from OEM to ODM manufacturing. Keith Outdoor series products began to be sold in China, opening up new horizons.

Rapid expansion

In 2009, Keith Titanium established Keith Metal Products Factory in Sanshui District, Foshan, with a workshop of 7000 square meters. The company has seen rapid development in the Chinese market through team restructuring, improved branding and more refined market positioning strategies.

Collaboration with the armed forces

In 2012, Keith launched the ultra-light all-titanium bottle and jar for military use, marking the beginning of cooperation with the armed forces. This advancement demonstrates Keith Titanium’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence.

International influence

In 2015, Keith expanded its range with the launch of the Titanium Multi-Function Cooker, strengthening its position in the international market by collaborating with local brands in the United States. In the same year, Keith successfully manufactured all-titanium alloy detection equipment for 6000 meter deep water.

Global presence

In 2016, Keith Titanium established a subsidiary in Los Angeles, USA, marking its official entry into the American market. At the same time, in China, Foshan Keith Titanium Co., Ltd. was created. Keith Titanium's presence in Europe has also been strengthened with the establishment of subsidiaries in several countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Greece and Scandinavia .

Commitment to quality and innovation

In 2022, Keith expanded its product line by developing a variety of titanium products related to daily life, strengthening the connection between titanium and consumers' daily lives. The brand is also committed to the health, environmental protection, sustainability and safety of every home.

An exciting future

For you, and for us

In 2023, the KEITH brand will begin a new upgrade with a more adventurous brand image, involving itself in various life scenarios, such as consumption activities, luxury travel and work from home, thus providing aesthetic of living and exploring life.

Keith Titanium, a pioneer in titanium technology, continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers and evolving market trends. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, Keith Titanium remains a global leader in the manufacturing of titanium products for cooking and outdoor activities.